I am really excited about all of the creativity we are going to be able to explore with our “Black Mirror” episodes.  I know with the group we have, we are going to have quite a few exciting possible stories to go over with each other in class.  I think we could all use a fun collaborative activity like that right now.  

For my episode, I chose to tap into this idea of creating drones to fly overhead with the ability to take peoples temperatures and keep track of if people are following the 6 feet guidelines set forth to stop the spread of the virus.  Obviously, having dealt with Covid-19, it has played a large role in my life over the past month.  But tying it back into our class, the idea of mass surveillance in a park or at a ball game is wildy concerning.  I chose to stick with the pandemic and social distancing idea as we live in this environment of fear and uncertainty, and, frankly, I would have a lot of fun writing this in an almost post-apocalyptic setting.  

So my idea is that a new government agency, the National Surveillance Bureau, is now overseeing the drone operation.  Kirk Ramsey, who, like everybody else, is getting adjusted to what our new normal is.  He has always heard of how serious and strict the bureau was when it came to quarantining those exhibiting symptoms, as well as certifying that people are keeping the required distance of 6 feet away from each other.  On one fateful day, Kirk is walking and sees a young boy whose leg is torn up from falling off of his bike, and he offers a helping hand.  Unfortunately, the drone that was patrolling the area picked up on it, and dispatched the front line enforcers to go and take Kirk.  Thar is where the story will truly begin, Kirk trying to evade all of the forces that are now keeping him from living a normal life and enjoying time with his cat Mallory (of course he owns a cat.)  

What I really want to highlight in this creative exercise is the hysteria and how it may bleed into other aspects of our life and this idea that life may not be able to continue as we have previously come to know.  Store fronts boarded up, sports still on hiatus, and people starving in the streets as the economy has crumbled.  Not saying this is where we are headed, but it is important to hold on to the hope that we will be able to return to normal, and that these stay at home orders do not escalate to further restrictions are government intervention to the point where our liberties that we hold so dear are infringed upon.  

I am excited to hear everyone talk about their ideas so that we can all collectively brainstorm with each other on our own unique ideas.  I know Alan has been sending some ideas and points that have been helpful when I have been thinking about this.  I know I have a way to go to get the refined story that I want it to be, and more minds working on it gives more perspective and can create a finished product that has a multitude from diverse backgrounds.

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