“Out of Control”

I’ve always been sort of interested in accounts and stories of doppelgangers. They’re sometimes tied to episodes of out of body experiences as well, and I’ve sort of experienced both. I remember once as a kid, I was maybe around 10 years old, I realized I was looking down on myself laying in bed up from the ceiling, and saw my dad come in to wake me up for school. I don’t give it much serious consideration, but in 17 years I’ve never forgotten it. I’ve also “seen” my doppelganger. I have a picture of a picture of him that some kids at work once came up to ask me if I was the one in the picture. I instinctively said yes because the guy looks so much like me I did really think it was me at first glance, only to realize of course that it was not me… I still have that picture and treat it like a party trick, fooling even my family into believing that the picture is of me.

And so how to tie this into our course. Well, we’ve spoken of data collection happening with or without our knowledge, and of ways in which its usage does already violate what we perceive to be basic freedoms, and ways in which it could further spiral in the future. So what if there’s a time in which data is used to determine or predetermine guilt, or social standing, etc., as in some cases it already is? But what if it’s known and a part of society, even having positions for people to maneuver through others’ data and report on it? Further, what if one of these people experiences something of a “data doppelganger,” with the control they had over others’ lives being taken, and the difficulty of having to conceal this flow of information to save themselves. Like for us now, can this be done? How? And to what effect?

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Great project! I’m also very much interested in doppelgängers! I think my device might try to be me too, although I haven’t figured out if she we will just sound like me. Be well. See you later. Best, Medea.

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