NetMirror and Data Detox

The Net Mirror community is committed to the notion of improving our collective digital/data literacy. We highlighted and considered some basic steps to improve our own digital and data literacy by reviewing and analysing the approach of the DATA DETOX KIT. This kit offers everyday steps you can take to control your digital privacysecurity, and wellbeing in ways that feel right to you.

We shared our reflections in Kean University’s virtual Research Days Forum. Originally, we were planning to participate in this special event (that was to be open to the public) in order to showcase our advocacy work via an open and interactive installation. We were slated to curate an interactive exhibition on data and privacy that would different ways of understanding how technologies are changing our lives.

We now know how much websites, apps, social media, and ‘smart’ devices all thrive on our data. Our open interactive installation was originally an invitation to the Kean Research Days community to explore how society is dealing with the growing dependency on data and technology, and the normalization of monitoring and surveillance.

Net Mirror Reflections

  • Detoxifying My Digital Soul (4/26/2020) by blueknights - It has been awhile since I've posted. In a sense, while my internet was down at my home, I owe some thanks to Verizon Fios for giving me some detox time from the screen. The data detox kit has a lot of useful information in it. I took particular interest in the phone detox information. It had me going through my phone changing settings for calls, privacy and even in my apps. It's crazy to think of how much these big companies are burying these settings so deep into their apps and devices, that you have to 'dig' to find the settings to change. What is even crazier is the amount of information that these apps have about our personal life. What happened to the days of privacy and not having to worry about these types of invasions on our lives? I attached the video below because it has more… (Continue Reading)
  • Data Detox: “Don’t Let Them In, Don’t Let Them See” (4/23/2020) by krock5228 - The Data Detox Kit truly encapsulates what it is that we have been talking about all semester long.  When I reflect on the meaning of this class, I interpret it as a look into ways where we can reduce our online footprint and be more present in our everyday lives.  I am actually somewhat familiar with a few of the strategies that were described on the website, and I find that all of them certainly serve some kind of purpose when it comes to teaching people of how they can decrease their online presence in a way ro prevent some of the oversight we have gone over in class to this point.  As I was scrolling through all of the different avenues that are available for us to use to this point, a couple of them stood out to me.  I’m sure we have all downloaded an app or opened… (Continue Reading)
  • How I Participate in Data Detox (4/23/2020) by thekettlespills - Hello everyone, as per usual I hope this blog finds you all well. I felt the need to get away from my typical settings and so migrated up north to my parent's home in the Catskills in NY. It's cold here, it was snowing quite a bit yesterday, but it goes between somewhat frigid with the wind chill and very mild without it. There are wild turkeys, coyotes, and other assorted predators/prey in the woods surrounding the property, and farms and the like with cows and horses all over the county. It feels somewhat that I've detoxed a bit already. Funny how a change in location and something of a change in society makes one feel like they're living a different life for a time. But I'm not so naive to believe that just a change in scenery is actually a serviceable data detox; and if anything it may serve… (Continue Reading)
  • Data Detox: SHIFT YOUR SETTINGS to secure your data (4/22/2020) by dennisart - As we wind down to the very close end of the semester, we are at the point where we, as the #Netnarr class, would be presenting at Kean University: Research Days. Due to the unfortunate current circumstances of COVID-19, the school unfortunately could not host the events in person. Even with that being the case, presenter were able to submit short videos to showcase their work! Below is our #Netnarr at Kean University Research Days, 2020! Big thanks to Dr. Zamora and Professor Levine on creating such a cool video! Alongside the video is a Data Detox Kit that is meant to serve as a type of solution to the question posed within the #Netnarr video. So in honor of of the Data Detox Kit, this blog is dedicated to going through the kit and trying to incorporate the tips provided to help secure my data! I am formatting… (Continue Reading)
  • Data Detox: Degooglise Your Life & Smartphones Call For Smart Habits. (4/22/2020) by niveswrites - This Data Detox Kit is so awesome! I loved exploring and checking out the entire site! The two items in the detox kit that struck me most based on my relationship with social media and the internet was: The Degooglise Your Life and The Smartphone Habits tool box tips! I've used some of those smartphone tips in the past like shutting off notifications, and putting my phone away, like far far away in a drawer so I don't give in to the temptation to use it. Also being mindful of how much you use your phone is key! It was interesting to do this activity and reflect on a Data Detox Kit during this chaotic and turbulent time. During this pandemic I've needed technology more then ever and have held on to my phone tighter than I ever have before. What would I do without Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, Snapchat… (Continue Reading)
  • Sharing is Caring in the Digital World (4/22/2020) by lindapham2020 - When Governor Murphy issued his stay-at-home order on March 21, 2020, I decided to join a local community WhatsApp group. I am not sure why I joined this group, especially when my teacher-friends questioned my decision. None of them have Twitter accounts. They could not fathom why I have Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. I am an introvert and enjoy reading, writing, and thinking. Yet, for some unknown reason, I had an urge to connect to my community during a period of isolation. I reasoned that I could always leave the group. So, I thought. One month later, my Wakeup Whatsapp group is my digital family. We share valuable online grocery shopping tips. We share daily COVID-19 numbers. We volunteer for local outreach efforts, such as calling seniors. We contribute to a local food drive for seniors in my community. I made sure that my experience in the group was positive… (Continue Reading)
  • Nervous Wrecktitude: Data Detox (4/19/2020) by medea - I used to feel superior because I turned my location services off. I am not cool. I'm an offender. I don't lock my Android phone. My iPad password is woefully inadequate, so is my password to enter my Mac laptop. What is wrong with me? Data Detox Privacy and Security smacked me awake with a cold ocean splash. I should know better. What is wrong with me? I ask it again. I am overvaluing convenience and sacrificing my privacy in the process. If I want to be a good advocate for others' data literacy and security, shouldn't I start by taking a look in the mirror? The real one. I started off posting in this course with a story about my 6-yr old self hiding behind a huge mirror that my father made. I wanted to see if it was double-sided. Hey, curious kid, get back me needs you.… (Continue Reading)