Microchip Research

The implanting of microchips into the human body is becoming a new “trend,” in which tens of thousands of people around the world are applying to replace all personal identification documents, including personal identification (for each individual). It makes us become a “key” when going in/out of houses, offices …, even using this chip to […]


Progress Report

I have been working on my story and creating my GIPHS. It has been fun playing with the animations and seeing how they can be used in various platforms. So I don’t want to spoil the post for next week, but I can say that this creative writting has inspired my inquiring mind into the […]

Blog 11: Story Treatment

Tracked Down

I see my story unfolding already. Dr. Seelig was actually the first human to inject the RFID chips into his body. He is actually from New Jersey, so that makes it a little more close to home. He will be gunned down by his mistress lover, as she knows that the chips hold all of […]

Blog 10: Data Detox

Detoxifying My Digital Soul

It has been awhile since I’ve posted. In a sense, while my internet was down at my home, I owe some thanks to Verizon Fios for giving me some detox time from the screen. The data detox kit has a lot of useful information in it. I took particular interest in the phone detox information. […]

Blog 8: Care and OER20


   Where do I start!?!? The isolation is putting me back into a deep and dark past that took me several years to get out of. This is not good for my sanity. By no means am I a social butterfly, but I do like to think that I was doing well within my social […]

Blog 6: Surveillance Capitalism

Age of Surveillance Capitalism

The first two chapters of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism introduce the reader to surveillance capitalism in the digital world and highlights the major issues revolving around the launch of products and services. Shoshana Zuboff explores the future of human beings in the digital future and whether people will feel exiled or at home (11). […]

Blog 5: Algorithms

Bias & Algorithms

Modern people are overwhelmed with information. It comes from a variety of sources, and it becomes rather difficult to discern if it comes from a credible source or not. Therefore, the impact of companies that control distribution of data of any kind on public opinion is tremendous these days. The best method to deliver the […]

Blog 4: Filter Bubbles

Filter Bubble Response

Eli Pariser touches on and tries to analyze a very interesting modern issue, which is the shift of news from newspapers to the internet. His idea that the user is the content today is phenomenal, but I detest how he overlooks the idea of information quality and how it limits most people from becoming the […]

Blog 3: Self Representation in the Digital Age

Our Reflections

In her book “Seeing Ourselves through Technology,” Jill Rettberg analyzes the way people see themselves in today’s technologically advanced world. The book explores the origins of how the social media movement started, and what factors lead to people sharing aspects of their daily lives on the internet (Rettberg 2). The impacts of sharing information on […]

Blog 2: Participatory Culture & Connected Learning

Intricate Web

The article and brilliant ideas of our fearless leader, has left me in awe this week. I spent a little more time researching her work and found a clip of her exhibit. It helped me to reconnect with the past and seeing another way that our society continues to improve upon technology. It had been […]