NetNarr, Net Mirror?

“Net Mirror: Not Necessarily Dystopia” is the most current version of “Networked Narratives”, a connected learning course at Kean University. “Net Mirror” is the fourth iteration of the course, designed in Spring 2020. Previous iterations of the “Networked Narratives” course live in another place.

Also known as #NetNarr, this open, networked, experimental course is the brainchild of two friends and colleagues – Mia Zamora and Alan Levine. Collaborating from a vast distance, they were originally inspired by a laboratory-collaboratory concept for learning and a modern version of alchemy. Embracing the idea of people tinkering, mixing, remixing elements in their digital laboratory, they designed a unique course about storytelling in a networked world.

Emphasizing creativity and production-centered forms of learning, “Networked Narratives” is first and foremost a playful connected learning environment for building digital skills and literacies. But as we have grown in this work, an urgency about both risk and care regarding our online lives (real life?) has taken the foreground. While the playful spirit of #NetNarr will always live on, we will use this year’s collaboratory to focus profoundly on the terms of participation, and the ways we are shaped both individually and societally by technologies.

Net Mirror will emphasize the production of public scholarship and advocacy, and the course will culminate in a public installation/exhibition at Kean University Research Days forum (Wednesday, April 29, 2020) as well as an online publication of the Net Mirror Journal.