“Hey Google Can You Help Me Find My Soulmate?!

A few months ago before this pandemic hit us I was visiting my older brother and nephew in Maryland. I was with my Mother one day and we were in the living room. My brother randomly asked Google a question about traffic and the weather. We didn’t realize until we heard it talking back to him that it was even in the living room. Soon we discovered he had purchased a Google mini for my seven year old nephew and put it in his bedroom. There is also one located in my brother’s master bedroom. Hmm? A little over kill Gianni? Maybe he should consider taking this course. 😉 One day we were in my nephew’s bedroom. His bedroom is interior decorated by me his favorite Zia (aunt)! It’s a mini mancave, complete with dark blue and gray walls, PlayStation, superheroes adorning the walls, Minecraft mania, Roblox, with books and stuffed animals galore. While my Mother and I sat down tidying up the room she noticed the Google mini on his dresser. She got quiet and then said aloud to me: “What if this thing is listening to us?” “What do you mean?” I replied. Of course it’s listening to us I thought! Duh wasn’t that the point? She went on to say: “No I mean what if it’s listening and watching us even when we don’t ask it questions?” Whoa. Ok Mom RELAX I thought! Geez in case you don’t already know from Medea and myself telling you Italian Mother’s are like no other! It’s a state of emergency, high alert kind of day EVERYDAY. So I wasn’t surprised by her concerns. I feel kind of ashamed to admit this, but I honestly never thought of Google watching or listening to us until she had said it that day, and when we learned about surveillance and data tracking in this class. I told her she was being silly and to just let it go. Google was NOT listening or looking into our private lives and conversations I assured her. So she dropped it. Or where they? Was my Mother on to something? Thus, this is where my idea for this story/episode blossomed.

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So my Net Mirror short story/episode is about the complexities of finding love through online dating while having the added pressure of Google actually interfering with the process. What I picture in my head is me at my computer aimlessly swiping away: “Nope not my type, swipe, nope his name is weird, swipe, ugh he’s totally lying about his age, swipe, oh no another shirtless profile pic, swipe, he looks like a creep, swipe, he doesn’t know what he wants at 40?! AHH NEXT SWIPE!” I promise you this is actually my life. Sad I know, bring on the cats! I’ve literally done that, seen that and have said that. Ask Medea and Meagan they know the gory details. So as far as my pretend story goes I was thinking the protagonist would be swiping away on her dating app and being frustrated she yells out at her Google mini and asks: “Hey Google can you find me love! Damn it can you find me my soul mate already!” Exasperated she shuts down the computer and puts her head on the desk in defeat. Promising herself to delete all the dating apps immediately (yeah ok not happening). SIDENOTE: I only have two apps in my real life so don’t worry guys. Back to my story. Now in her exasperated state of mind Google actually responds back! It gives her the profile name of the guys it recommends for her. Wtf?! She slowly turns to the Google mini eyes wide open in half horror and half relief. She askes Google to repeat itself because she isn’t sure if she is just hearing things but sure enough it answers back with the same list of preferred matches. She quickly opens up her computer and logs back on to the dating site to search the names of the guys Google suggested. None of them were on her own personal preferred list. Hmm? Maybe Google is on to something here? I mean she’s striking out left and right in the love department, one crappy date after another, so maybe Google has the answer! Okay this is good, very good maybe I’ll find my soul mate!? Now she excitedly reaches out to the matches Google suggested, not really paying much attention to her attraction level to these particular men. She got so caught up in the moment she didn’t think too much about their actual profile information and her compatibility with them. They seemed good enough to her! But were they the best matches the most compatible to her wants and needs? Was Google leading her astray? So this is the point in the story where I need your help and input! Medea gave me some awesome ideas a long the lines of Google persuading my character to pick these matches and meet them in person. The twist? Turns out some of them are actually dangerous men! Uh oh! BEWARE! But my character is so desperate to meet her forever guy that she is willing to over look red flags and blindly listen to whatever Google has to say in the desperate hopes to find true love. To be continued…

So that’s all folks, for now! I’m excited to see what you guys think of my episode. I always appreciate my fellow cohorts input. A big thank you to Medea for her ideas! Since day 1 when Medea heard about my real life online dating escapades she warned me about my location being tracked and followed and warned me that I could possibly end up in a dumpster or kidnaped, God forbid! Thank you Medea for the warning! I know you got my back. Yes there is a dark side and risk to everything we do in this life, but luckily so far I’ve been safe and making good judgement calls. For the most part my online dating for the past year and three months hasn’t been too much of a disaster. Most of the men have been pretty cool, not like “the one” but not horrible company either. It has it’s moments for sure, times where I wanted to give up and become a nun or Tibetan monk and live in total isolation (careful what you wish for) BUT I’ve grown to be a more confident and self assured woman thanks to this online dating experience and it’s helped me figure out what I really want and need in my life. Thanks guys hope you like my episode and can’t wait to hear all about yours! Be well. Xo

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