Starting Our Journey

It was great to meet up with all of you last night.  I think we will all have a very memorable semester together, and I look forward to the Net Mirror conversation (#NetNarr) that will unfold throughout the course of our time together.  

We spent our first class reviewing the basic infrastructure of the Net Mirror course and reviewing the syllabus closely.  And we also had a special surprise visit from Professor Levine. Alas, his disembodied voice might have startled you, but he did not turn out to be the Liberty Hall ghost.

I am happy we were able to connect with him as he walked us through the components of the site as well as the tools that we will use to proceed with our networked writing and open conversation. We should be receiving “visitations” from him most Thursday nights. I am confident now that you all have a good sense of the overall Net Mirror plan.  Please remember that you can contact the two of us at any time to seek support or clarification about anything we are working on in Net Mirror.

What is the plan for the next class?

We will open up class next week with a discussion of the concept of global citizenship. There are two brief readings that you should read before class. There is no blog due for next week (your first post will be for Feb. 6). Next week is still a time for class acclimation – a slow “warm-up” to our course rhythms and procedures, and a chance to adjust to our online tools and spaces. In the first part of the class, we will discuss the reading material, do a bit of freewriting, and frame some critical questions together that as we build a foundation for the on-going conversation throughout Net Mirror. And in the second part of the class, we will consider the use of our networked tools like Twitter and, and also engage in a creative activity.

Your “to-do” list:

1.  Complete the “Net Mirror: Connect Your Networks” form in order to get set up in each online space that you will be writing in for Net Mirror.

2. Please have a closer look at the Schedule Overview, and also the tentative Course Calendar in order to determine what night you might like to lead our discussion, and what topic you might like to present. Please be ready next time we meet to request a certain date and/or topic for your presentation coverage.

3. Please read:

Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society by Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, International Journal of Communication, VOl. 11, 2017.

Critical Digital Citizenship: Promoting Empathy and Social Justice Online by Maha Bali. Connected Learning Alliance. June 30, 2016 (web).

Enjoy the weekend, and see you all next week!

Dr. Zamora

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