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Thank you to sava saheli singh & Chris Gilliard

First I want to thank sava saheli singh and Chris Gilliard for spending time with us in the Net Mirror discussing data surveillance last week. Our Studio Visit with them was a truly memorable Net Mirror moment, and we are so fortunate to be on receiving end of their generosity. They are such knowledgeable thinking partners regarding data and privacy, and they are at the forefront of advocacy work for all of us. By now you know all about sava’s films “Screening Surveillance”, and here is the link to Chris Gilliard’s’ recent statement for the record made to the House Financial Services Committee Task Force on Financial Technology. (He sat as an expert witness as the US Congress considers its regulatory role in matters of digital surveillance). Also, below are some of the links shared during our productive and insightful #netnarr conversation:

For next class:

Soon we will be moving into our last creative phase for the course, where you will consider what “Net Mirror” stories you might want to tell. For this coming Thursday:

-Browse the Net Mirror Library. Please view and review one narrative from our library:

-As an alternative, if you happen to have a Netflix account, you can check out a Black Mirror episode and review that material. We highly recommend the “NoseDive” episode (trailer here).

We hope to jump-start your thoughts about the “Net Mirror” in your own daily life. Think about the aspects of your everyday life (work, shopping, graduate school & university life, entertainment, travel between locations, visits to the doctor, conveniences at home, etc.) that might become a plot point if there was a surveillant technology at work. Try to build a working list of “conveniences” in your life that allow for a certain amount of surveillance as well. In class on Thursday, we will brainstorm what ways they could be part of a plot of your own?

Your to-do list:

In summary, your blog this week should be a viewing and brief review of a selection from the Net Mirror Library or a Black Mirror episode like “NoseDive” (if you happen to have Netflix). Besides your brief review of your chosen material, also reflect on the surveillance technologies at work in your own life. Try to build a list of surveillance mechanisms that might serve as inspiration for a Net Mirror narrative of your own.

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