Welcome to Net Mirror

I have been looking forward to getting this course underway, reconnecting with some of you and meeting others for the first time. This is a special course for many reasons, which I will explain during our first evening together. Suffice to say it has “a history” and you will play a new and significant role in shaping that ongoing innovative history.

Crepiscule, taken by @miazamoraphd
Crepiscule, @miazamoraphd

We have a class hashtag (#NetNarr) on twitter that is already well-established. If you look at #NetNarr’s history, you will see a lively debate between students, scholars, artists, digital alchemists from a world called #arganee, and even bots.

Net Mirror will be an open (online), connected (networked), co-learning (participatory) experience.  As a new iteration of “Networked Narratives”, it already has a reputation of pushing way beyond the boundaries of the “traditional classroom”. Learning in “Net Mirror” will never be a passive activity (i.e. something that happens to students). In the “old school” model for learning, what you learn and how you learn it is decided by someone else, without considering what you care about, what you know already, or what you want to learn.  Part of the idea of an open class comes from giving you the opportunity to influence the course.  Net Mirror is in part, about what it means to write in a globally interconnected world. Your individual interests and ambitions should be a central part of what we do in this course together.   What do you want to learn during our time together?  What do you want to make during our time together?  I offer these questions to you at the start in earnest. Keep them in the forefront of your mind as we start this journey together.

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The intended outcomes of this course are quite explicit: We will be producing both a public installation and exhibition together, and also producing an online journal of your unique individual work. During our first meeting, we will get to know each other a bit, and we will discuss the plans for our time together.  There might even be a surprise. I sincerely look forward to working with each of you.  And I am quite sure that our Net Mirror collaboration will be an important moment in your overall learning journey.

Welcome to Net Mirror (#NetNarr)

See you soon,

Dr. Mia Zamora

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