In working on this projects, I have had numerous false starts. Sometimes, my voracious appetite for drama overcomes me and I get a little carried away with creating various narrative threads that do what threads do: get tangled. I’m learning to whittle away the extraneous factors in my story about my powerful sleep device so that I emphasize the deleterious effects of surveillance and big data.

I know that Anna faces 2 demons. The first one is best shown visually because it is a nightmare she has had before she is ever introduced to Mar:


This is me! Don’t worry it’s all makeup!

The aforementioned me is from last semester when I took Dr. Ruth Griffith’s course Ukrainian Famine and Genocide. I wrote a poem about a starving farm boy who was close to death. On the morning of the performance, I looked in the mirror and said well, I have to try harder to look the part…Enter makeup. You’ll notice that even my lips are blue-hued because I am close to oxygen depletion. This is what Anna is afraid of: being so sleep deprived that she simply cannot function properly and that she becomes closer to death than life.

(b) When Anna’s doppelgänger enters her dreams and malfunctions, Anna is puzzled. She questions the Laura, the associate who gave her the device. What does she know about this? Laura pleads for her to be quiet. All she has to do is to pass Mar on to some other woman and so the chain will continue. The makers of Mar do a lot of monitoring of women in order to study their dreams to determine consumer preferences. Mar monitors your vitals as you sleep to determine what excites and frightens you– all ammunition that it can use against you in your future endeavors.

Does Anna shut up & keep enjoying the best sleep of her life forever? Does she blow the makers of Mar out of the water? It’s an ethical and very personal tug of war…Stay tuned.

By medea

Creative writing is my passion. Coffee, books and music are a hallowed trinity for me. I am pursuing an M.A. in English Writing Studies and am a Graduate Assistant. I am eager to learn the intricacies of the NetMirror! Follow me on twitter @medeathewriter!

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