I’m Back!

First and foremost, let me say I am so happy to be back and not sick!  It was definitely a rough couple weeks for my family and I, but we are from the other side of it now, and I could not be more excited to be coming back to class and see all of your faces, granted in a virtual setting.  I’m sure some of you may have questions as to what my experience and such was, which I’ll be happy to answer, if not for my own kind of venting.  

As I was gearing back up to rejoin you guys in class, I saw one of the options to talk about in our blog was to talk about the “Nose Dive” episode of black mirror, which is awesome.  I absolutely love the show and this was one of the episodes that really stuck with me. It comes from this idea that everything we do is affected by our social standing, and we are all rated based on what others think of us.  What I found to be most interesting in this episode is that the rating system ended up being a kind of “credit score.” This score affects every aspect of everyone’s life, which we see play out for the main character in this instance as a detriment.  From not being able to get her car fixed to how she is treated at her friends wedding for having such a low social score. It is an interesting commentary on where we are as a society in the sense that we live in a world with social media where what we are putting out in the world seems to mean everything.  I have friends who are hyper aware and dare I say obsessed with the image they put out into the world. We, as a whole, have become so obsessed with the way we are viewed by our peers, and this episode I felt really illustrates that. You could see how her own mental health deteriorates as her rating becomes lower, and I think that is something that happens to people in real life when they don’t get enough likes or feel as though people do not care about their posts.  It is a dangerous way for us to live, because it is a way for us to be disconnected from what our true reality is. Anytime where we allow the opinions of others to affect us in this way, it is dangerous, and I truly began to feel for the character in this episode. I think this will create a fun discussion in class tonight. I wish I had more to say in this blog, but I am just so excited to have a real conversation with all of you, I am going to hold off until I can talk to you guys in class tonight.  I am so glad to be back!

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And we are glad to have you back, Kevin. So good.

Glad you resonated with Nosedive, and curious to know what other episodes are your favorites. Have you noticed changes in the recent seasons noted here?

They serve as good examples of taking something we know in the present, and just extrapolating it a bit more to a state of darkness. The thing we are asking everyone now is to take something that you know as a regular experience, activity, transaction or every day action, and what of the technology embedded in it just behaved a bit more… like a black mirror.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Welcome back.

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