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Tracked Down

I see my story unfolding already. Dr. Seelig was actually the first human to inject the RFID chips into his body. He is actually from New Jersey, so that makes it a little more close to home.

He will be gunned down by his mistress lover, as she knows that the chips hold all of his finances on them. She is a typical gold digger whom is only dating him for his money. When she learns of the purchasing power of his chips, she offs him and removes the chips from his body.

She then has the chips implanted in her hands so she can use them to purchase her new lavish lifestyle. The plot twist though as she is on a trip to Fiji when her riches are noticed by a local mob. They see her purchasing elegant jewelry with just the scan of her hand, and that is when she is abducted and has her hands cut off for the chips. The mob does not kill her, but she has to live a life with two prosthetic hands while behind bars for the murder of Dr. Seelig.

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This is supremely dark & awesome. Super cool, the fact that she has no hands, woah! It is scary to think that this could actually happen: RFID chip implanting! It probably is happening & we don’t know. Maybe there are prototypes for it?! I’m uneasy.

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