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So a dangerous little bit of viral substance has spread around the world and led to wide-scaled cancellations? The Net Mirror shimmers, glitches a bit, but the screen remains is on- we just have a new class plan.

Because of the way this course as designed, we have many of the pieces we need to continue our exploration of networks, surveillance, life, storytelling. We have our course materials and a place to reflect on this site, our twitter channels, the web annotation space.

In this week’s class we start diving into some of the kinds of media storytelling we will explore (and eventually create), that we have been calling “speculative fiction.” We’d like to regularly explore examples we are adding to the Library.

For class time, we will meet via shared video (look for a link to join by email, yes, old school email is very useful in these times). We have our in class discussion as usual. And then some activities. The main difference is we just won’t be sitting in the same physical room, but for now, virtual ones.

That said, we are adding one new space to the mix. Because we no longer have the physical space on campus where many of you hung out, we are opening one in Slack, the collaborative messaging platform. It’s mainly used for project and work collaboration, especially for teams geographically spread apart. Our use is mainly to have one place to talk to each other, share links, discuss our unfolding project work. It’s also not the public amphitheater of distraction that Twitter can be.

So again, look to your Kean email for a link to join the Net Mirror Slack. Jump in, see how it’s organized, say hello.

We got Slack!

What is Slack? The language sounds a bit business-focussed, but its used widely by people working on projects or learning together (and for a tidbit, the origin is an acronym). They use the metaphor of a water cooler, which has almost no relevance in 2020, but in old time offices, it was a place much of the informal conversations happened.

It’s better understood in use than explanation. But it is something that your instructors feel might help alleviate the isolating pitfalls of social distancing that dealing with the corona virus calls for.

Sports, Broadway, large gatherings have been canceled. But learning, this course, curiosity, if anything, ought to to the opposite (if there is such a thing). Let us know how we can help each other through this surrealty.

Image Credit

A message made with a little tool I built (because I can), Cancel This.

You can visit the site, and you can replace the text at the top with anything you wish to make the message (it’s crude, the only way now to save is via a screen capture).

By Prof Alan

An early 90s builder of the web and blogging, Alan Levine barks at on web storytelling, photography, bending WordPress, and serendipity in the infinite internet river. He has been a part of NetNarr since 2017.

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