And The Activities Begin…

Here is a followup on our Starting Up class session, and yes, we got our tools in motion.

On the course site, you will see each week a This Week menu item, it always links to the course announcement post for the week.

Under this you will find a set of links I will reference in class, so it should be easy to follow along.

Annotating We Go

We did a walkthrough demo of practice annotation on a page on this site where is already enabled (look for the button in top right)- jump in soon and get some practice replying to existing annotations and adding new ones.

Going forward with our readings, we will expect/hope you use on any online article to both surface ideas worth sharing/expanding, and also collecting ideas in your own interest area.

You can use on any public URL on the web (including most PDFs), but how do you activate it? One way is to install the browser extension, see number 2 on the Getting Started page.

You can also activate the tool by copying the web address you wish to use, and enter it into the form at

For Maha Bali’s article on Digital Citizenship we read last week, at this creates what looks like a double URL or (if you see the pattern, you can see you could also invoke it directly by editing in your browser the web address for a page in view, just insert in front

For future course readings, the links you see will already have this.

We also introduced the idea of creating a shared taxonomy of tags that we might consider using to share the most important ideas we come across. So for Big Ideas on Digital Citizenship, we could use #digciz (which will find annotations others using this tag use), and by combining with a #netnarr tag we can get just ours. We will plan to set up a collaborative document where we can devise together a series of tags worth using.

Also, from a question by a student, we have created a NetMirror group in Hypothesis where we can create annotations only available to our group (so we can understand the potentials for layers of conversation). Look in your email for a link to join this group.

Blog Notes

I reviewed how to use Categories to organize your posts, so for this week’s work use the Week 1 category (look on right side of editor, click Document tab, and look for the checkbox list of categories). This creates a way to see everyone’s week 1 reflections in one link.

While there, consider uploading a featured image for your post (and strongly suggesting either using your own or ones licensed for reuse, try — give credit). Look for the Featured Image upload in the same Document section.

And… if you like the style I use for this post, open Post Attributes, and select the “Cover” template.

Also, apologies for login issues many of you had in class; it should no longer lock you out. Look for the link to log in down in the bottom right of every page on this site.

Your Maps of the Internet

I enjoyed seeing the creativity in action for the “Make” activity we did in class, check out what others shared:

How do you see the way the internet is organized? Where are you located?

And we got some practice adding a response. You will see this “Bank” again (explore to see examples of activities we have done in previous classes).

On to Next Week

Looking forward to seeing your blogging, tweeting, and annotating. Check out the front page of the site to see the latest “stuff” under the Networks heading.

For next week’s class we are having a video visit with Net Smart author Howard Rheingold. Share out relevant links and reactions by tweeting with #netnarr AND using to add notes to the course announcement. How are discussions in these spaces different?

You might be curious to see the “map” of #netnarr in twitter:

Can you find yourself in there?

Image Credit

When I Was a Boy the Toys Were Metal flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

By Prof Alan

An early 90s builder of the web and blogging, Alan Levine barks at on web storytelling, photography, bending WordPress, and serendipity in the infinite internet river. He has been a part of NetNarr since 2017.

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