Progress Report

I have been working on my story and creating my GIPHS. It has been fun playing with the animations and seeing how they can be used in various platforms. So I don’t want to spoil the post for next week, but I can say that this creative writting has inspired my inquiring mind into the […]


Las Colas de Fairy Tales

Here’s a note on why I titled this blog post “Las Colas de Fairy Tales.” Tails get twisted, they can ensnare, right? Additionally, all of my life I have heard this Sicilian proverb when encountered with the difficulties of ending an endeavor, a project, etc…”A cuda (the tail) e forte a sciuppare,” which translates to…the […]

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Building your story concept

In the “Net Mirror”, we close our time together with the composition of speculative fiction(s) in order to help synthesize our complex feelings (anxieties ?) regarding our relationship with technology. Each story will grapple with the reality of our data-driven society and the omnipresence of data surveillance. In the process of building unique story concepts, […]