Blog 3: Self Representation in the Digital Age

Ways of Seeing Ourselves in the Digital World

Response to “Self-Representation in Social Media” by Jill Walker Rettberg (2018) and  “Filtered Reality” chapter – from Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We see Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices & Shape Ourselves (2014)  In “Self-Representation in Social Media,” Jill Walker counters Stuart Hall’s reflective approach as a “representation of the true meaning.” She contends that […]

Blog 2: Participatory Culture & Connected Learning Miscellaneous

Awareness, Mindfulness, and Restraint

Feb. 13, 2020 Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Henry Jenkins, Mizuko Ito, danah boyd. Polity Press, 2016. (Chapters 4 & 5) Connected Learning infographic,  Textransformations: Interactive Art Practice as Connected Learning What is my relationship with technology? On a social level, I have 15 close ‘friends’ on Facebook and 15 classmates or professors […]

Blog 1: Social Media Literacy, Being Net Smart

Namaste: Being Mindful of Digital Distractions

My Response to Mr. Rheingold as an Educator: Mr. Howard Rheingold is 72 years old and has grown up in an educational environment filled with hours of reading books, writing stories, and deep thoughts. He was not raised in an environment where parents provide their toddlers with cell phones instead of paperback books as a […]