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Data Detox: Degooglise Your Life & Smartphones Call For Smart Habits.

This Data Detox Kit is so awesome! I loved exploring and checking out the entire site! The two items in the detox kit that struck me most based on my relationship with social media and the internet was: The Degooglise Your Life and The Smartphone Habits tool box tips! I’ve used some of those smartphone tips in the past like shutting off notifications, and putting my phone away, like far far away in a drawer so I don’t give in to the temptation to use it. Also being mindful of how much you use your phone is key! It was interesting to do this activity and reflect on a Data Detox Kit during this chaotic and turbulent time. During this pandemic I’ve needed technology more then ever and have held on to my phone tighter than I ever have before. What would I do without Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, Snapchat fun with my friends? And most importantly Uber Eats!? I mean total life savers! I never thought I would have to rely on technology as much as I have during this uncertain time. The only other time of crisis I can remember when I needed my technology was during Hurricane Sandy. But unfortunately due to the devastation it caused my service was cut along with my electricity for over ten long days. At that time I didn’t have any social media so I didn’t yearn for it or miss out but I most definitely felt the effects of not having any service especially in a time of crisis. Being disconnected is not a fun feeling. Especially today during this dark and isolating time. We need to feel a connection now more than ever, even if it’s through a screen. Having said that dissecting the tool kit was really fun and despite our current circumstances it is vital for all of us to find ways to detoxify our daily lives by freeing ourselves from the technological haze we sometimes find ourselves in. Splash some cold water on your face and lets get to it!

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So the Degooglise Your Life was super cool! I loved the questionnaire: Is Google Your BFF? Omg I think my answer would be a resounding YES! I’m kind of ashamed to admit it. I encourage you all to take the questionnaire and see how well you fare! Again we have so much time to kill so once your class assignments are done and over with get to it! If you dare HA! Some other interesting and helpful facts within this kit was Number 1: Start Fresh. This was really eye opening because right from the start we are given some startling facts about how much of our information Google saves every time we click and search. Although it does tell us that our information will lose value over time I’m not sure that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, yeah no I’m still freaked out. But on a lighter note we are given some steps to help us wash it all away! Um yeah still don’t feel totally okay about all my info being saved but good to know I have at least some control. Okay on to Number 2: Get a Checkup. Which sounds like your going to the doctor which in some ways it kind of is. This step is very important and can make a big difference in our online experiences and safety. It gives us a step by step guide on which privacy preferences, activity controls and the permissions that help us limit apps from accessing our accounts. Pretty cool stuff and I’m so happy I know about it now! On to Number 3: Clear Your Location Footprints. While we may have already tried turning off location services on our phones, if we’re in fact using Google we must take it a step further, like duh it’s never that simple is it?! It starts with a quick and useful step by step guide to turning off our Google Maps location data and then on to all other Google products. Last but not least Number 4: Substitute A Tool. It’s inevitable and a necessary evil, we will continue to use Google and it’s products no matter how shady they are. Let’s just be real people, we can’t help ourselves. So for this handy dandy final tip we learn the importance of DIVERSIFYING our online experience by changing up the search engines we use! It gives us alternative search engines and maps we can utilize. I plan to and already have made use of some of these awesome tips and I feel a lot more confident and secure with my online endeavors going forward. It will never be a perfected or flaw free system. But knowledge is power and we need all the knowledge we can get when going up against the almighty Google and all it’s powerful counterparts. Please enjoy the videos I embedded below! It highlights some of the tips from the detox kit and more. Take care. Xo

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