TED Radio Hour: IRL Online

27 Funny "Me In Real Life Vs. Me On Internet" Memes

The TED Podcast was a great follow up from my presentation on Surveillance Capitalism! The entire podcast felt almost like a rerun of my present, except know I was fully aware of terms being used. But what particular stuck out to me the most in the Podcast, that I really did not touch too much on in my presentation is screen time and how much time we actually spend our screens (i.g phones, computer, tablets, etc). So this portion of my blog post will be dedicated to discussing screen time.

My screen time from this week on my phone! (That is so bad…)

What I recall from the podcast is that on average, people spend approximately 8 hours on their phone (adults), and kids spend about 5 hours a day on the phone. To the right is my actual screen time.. which I am not too proud of. Unfortunately I am very bad with remembering manes, but I do recall one of the guest speakers saying, “I am not worried about hiding myself from people on the street… they are too busy stuck on their phone screens.” This statement sums up our addiction to technology as a whole. I would also like to reference the host of the podcast when she stated, “I am guilty of giving my kid a phone to keep them quite.” This is like the statement of the decade for most parents! All those in me #NetNarr class know of my very intuitive about annoying little cousins that tend to want to bother me during class time! My solutions: hands over my phone, tablet, and extra laptop to keep them entertained. Is it the best method? Absolute not .. but is the most effective. Which now brings me to the next portion of my post.

Care During the Pandemic

Brownie Chip Dennis & Dusty Diana Dennis

During these unfortunate and uncertain times, care has been a common theme that we all strive behind. Personally, it has taken me approximate 2 weeks to adjust to my new online life. But as time goes by ans news continues so spread about COVID (just even spelling the word upsets me), times are getting bleak and harder. of focusing my time on the “If only I was outside” thoughts I switched mindsets to “What can I do with my time home” ideas.

  • I’ve become a Guinea Pig mommy! (my babies are pictured above)
  • I started back creating art
  • I am still able to learn!
  • I am enjoying my annoying family
  • I am loving my soul, mind, and body


By dennisart

My name is Patricia Dennis and I am a native of Newark, NJ. I am an aspiring artist, student, traveler, and educator. I use this blog to share my many experiences, thoughts, works of art, and education!

All my life, my mind and voice has been my sense of power. Being able to express myself through many different forms has gotten me to where I am today. I continue to strive for my own potential of greatness and wish to share my journey with the world, in hopes that I can inspire generations to come.

As for my educational and professional background, I received my B.A. in English with a minor in Studio Art from the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ. After graduating, I began to serve under AmeriCorps as a Reading Coach for 2nd Grade students where I am currently serving my second term. I am also currently pursuing my M.A. in English Writing Studies at Kean University in Union, NJ. As a graduate student at Kean, I work as a Graduate Assistant for The Kean University Writing Project directed by Dr. Maria Zamora.

Another fun fact! I am also a chess instructor for young beginning chess player!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the journey just as much as I am!

If can not be the best, I will do my best

If I do my best, I will try my best

If I can not try my best, then the best is yet to come

Either way, the best is what I strive for!

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