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Is this thing on?

Since our last meeting, I’ve been reflecting on the advances in technology since childhood. I thought the coolest thing when I was a child, was putting my tapes in Teddy Ruxpens back and watching him lip sing to what ever I had playing.
It was a much simpler time. We didn’t have to worry about predators on the internet, someone snagging our digital cards from our phones or wallets and identity theft was unheard of. Now we have big brother watching over us at every corner and we are connected to the world.
I look forward to growing with everyone over the next few months and expanding my mind to new realms of reality.

One reply on “Is this thing on?”

We look forward to see your growth as well. But is it all darkness? I wonder about the things you can do now that are positive, gains, that might make Teddy’s head spin.

Maybe we can watch Big Brother right back?

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